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7-Levels Framework

1. Stillness: Every good thing begins at the roots, returning to mindfulness, and sitting in stillness. This practice should be embedded in your moments, in your days, and in the longer rhythms of your life. Whenever we find ourselves stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed, it's a reminder to return to stillness.

2. Insight: From that place you work on listening to your inner voice. Give a full audience to all of yourself with compassion. Thoughts will come and go. Some of them will be loops. You will recognize patterns. And some will be compelling. With practice, you'll learn to discern insight from background chatter.

3. Mastery: When you receive this kind of inner guidance, then you follow it. Many people don't understand that the better part of self-mastery is obedience, not to others but to ourselves. Once you know what you need to do, then it's important to follow through in your practice. Accountability and consistency are important here, as are effective systems and workflows. 

4. Enjoyment: This is an oft-missed step. It quite simply feels good to be in alignment with yourself. Your natural reward systems will kick in and you'll get a burst of vitality. So here we are very intentional about anchoring that enjoyment in deep gratitude. 

5. Connection: Now you've laid a firm foundation in your inner life, and the alignment of your actions with your values. In the resulting fullness of being you're ready to bring value to others in connection and relationship and show up in the community with your gifts. This is where you start to see how you contribute value to the world and to understand your calling and profession.

6. Commitment: There’s a parallel here between 2, 3, 4 (foundational) and 5, 6, 7 (relational). So commitment is to "connection" as obedience is to "listening". It means following up, following through, and holding your boundaries. and integrity. Having discovered yourself and your relation to others, you will naturally gravitate toward partnerships (romantic, fraternal, and professional) that embody and amplify your gifts and provide you with structure and continuity. 

7. Prosperity: Now you are living fully and abundantly.  Celebrate your fullness, abundance, completion, and success. And consciously release it, returning everything to Source, and enter again into stillness. 

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