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Looking for the right partner to get your startup off the ground?

You know what you want to do. But you're running into some blocks on the how. Where do you start? How do you develop a coherent marketing strategy? Do you have the technical skills to make all this happen?

I understand the kinds of problems startup founders run into because I've been there and done that.

And I can help you make the mission-critical decisions that will lay the groundwork for success.

Leveraging 20+ years in business and engineering, including multiple early-stage startups and MVP launches, I coach individuals and teams across the reality gap between vision and manifestation.

But unlike many other consultants, I'm not going to nickel and dime you with an hourly or itemized bill. And I'm not asking for equity either. It's your business, and I just want to help you build it.

With a 6-month Fractional CoFounder contract, I can get you from ideation to MVP while saving you 75% on consulting fees. Sound good? Let's get started!

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