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What people are saying...

CFO - DGR Legal Services


"Day was introduced to us by a dear mutual friend and colleague. Our virtual meeting was supposed to be the first of many interviews to come. We were on a search for someone with business and IT knowledge that could bring our project to a final stage. Once we were off the call we almost immediately decided that we want to work with Day. His kind and understanding spirit was a pleasant surprise in the business world. He listened to our needs and concerns with great attention. Day knew exactly what our company required and was ready to commit and take us there. He offered us a realistic time frame and a true assessment of our current situation. We are presently still working with Day and we look forward to our weekly calls. Conversations with Day provide us peace of mind and we can easily see the progress we are making. I wish there were more people like him out there who genuinely care about the other person and the symbiotic relationship between everyday life and business."


Owner/Consultant - MaidaMagic


"Working with Day is powerful. He holds a high and broad vision of what we’re up to while delivering results. As a project manager, he simultaneously inspires, reflects, and organizes next steps so that we keep the big picture in mind while succeeding at the step-by-step tasks to get to the goal! I am impressed with Day’s many many talents, but the key skill he has is one that cannot be taught: wisdom. Deep wisdom. Day carries this in spades and it is an honor to work with him to create a better world, through solid steps and collaboration. Work with Day. It will change your life and possibly... the world.


Creative Director - Portland Design Lab


"I've worked with Day as a coworker in a web development business as well as in a freelance capacity over the years. I've always found Day to be very calm and concise in his demeanor as well as an excellent communicator and developer. I wholeheartedly recommend Day in any capacity."


Co-Founder/CTO - Shoppies


"Day helped us to build the very first version of Shoppies infrastructure, from a concept to a solid MVP. He is great at solving problems in creative ways and thinking through all the aspects of the architecture. He is knowledgable in all parts of the stack: from hosting to the frontend. In addition to being a great engineer, he has a high EQ and is very easy to work and communicate with."


Co-Founder/CEO - Shoppies


"Day helped us get from inspiration to manifestation (idea-stage to product launch). He was instrumental in making it happen, putting systems in place for Shoppies to have a good infrastructure and we couldn't have done it without him."


Systems Administrator - State University of New York


"When faced with new situations or information, Day is analytical, quick to understand, and rapidly extrapolates to the consequences -- and opportunities -- for the business. Indeed, he is an impressive self-motivated learner, a polymath, constantly absorbing and integrating new knowledge. He knows when to be patient, and when to bear down. His positive outlook, quick wit, and generous humor make Day a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended."


Technical Founder - Agreed


"I worked side-by-side with Day on the Agreed App for our pre-seed stage. Our collaboration was a huge win. I really appreciate his way of balancing a high-level view of things with getting real about current goals and priorities. His guidance on the product side of our campaign and his experience in business helped us bootstrap the operation from ground zero to a prototype stage and allowed me to invest more time in engineering and the technical side of application development."


Assistant Director - Lucky's Market


During the time I worked with Day at Azimuth I found not only his production to be first-class but the projects he managed were completed, well documented and fully communicated. He was able to work closely with customers in order to ensure that all needs were met in a timely manner and that the customer was satisfied. In addition, his in-depth knowledge and experience assisted in leading the project's stages ensuring development was comprehensive.


Professional Artist - Gail Armand Art


"Day helped me set up my professional website. Until this time, the idea of making a website seemed completely outside my skill set. I wanted something outstanding and useful. I was referred to Day, and within a very short time, I was up and running with a website I love that I can absolutely update on my own. Day was super easy to work with. I cannot recommend him and what he does strongly enough if you are at the beginning of something new or hoping to give new flair and energy to what you are already doing. Collaboration with Day is a path to empowerment."


Senior Software Engineer - Mindbody, Inc.


"Day is a hard-charging, get-it-done kind of person. If you need it done yesterday, Day is the man for the job. Very organized and well versed in web programming, Day is adept at leading projects of any size."

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