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Are you feeling blocked in getting your venture off the ground?

Many people have brilliant ideas that simply aren’t capital ready.

Without a certain amount of traction, even friends and family are hard to convince.

We help entrepreneurs bridge the gap between inspiration and manifestation, clarifying their business idea, narrowing their niche, building their website, creating their content, getting them started on social media, packaging their offering as a product, putting infrastructure in place for making sales, and finally launching their business.

Let us help you lay the groundwork for success. 

0.   You Are Here: It all starts with an idea. A dream. A vision of what you want to do with your life. A mission to disrupt an industry or change the world. You have a unique perspective and unique gifts.  

You're Ready for Activate Academy!
Get Started Today and We'll Help You...

1.   Clarify Your Business Idea: We help you bring your business idea into focus. The first step is a clear vision. If you’re not sure what you want to work on, we help draw that out by clarifying your passion and your talents. Then we help you discover ways you can bring those to bear in the real world through value creation.

2.   Discover Your Micro-Niche: There may be multiple ways you can leverage your passion and talents to generate value. We’ll help you zero-in on the one that’s most likely to get traction. We’ll explore the competitive landscape, figure out exactly what your customer wants and differentiate your offering for your target audience.


3.   Build Your Website: Even if your business is offline, your customers are online. In 2020 you need to have a website that effectively serves as a platform for connecting with you with your potential customers and building relationships with your existing customers. We will help you accomplish this crucial step in under a week.


4.   Create Your Content: You are the voice of your business. We’ll help you put yourself out there, in your own words, so you can connect with the prospects that most resonate with who you are and what you have to offer. We help you align your message with the people who need to hear it, meeting your customers in the place they are.


5.   Activate Your Social Media: We show you how to build a real community that believes in you and what you’re doing. No bots, no spam, just proven strategies for making authentic connections with people interested in what you’re bringing to the world.


6.   Create Your Product: What we’re doing here is making your dream into a real thing in the real world. We’ll work with you to package your valuable offering as a coherent product so that it’s easily understood and your call to action is unambiguous.


7.   Gear Up for Sales: Everything we’ve done up to this point ensures you have people who want to buy from you. Now we make sure you have everything in place to make that easy for them. We also teach you how to close sales for those that are on the fence.


8.   Launch Your Business: Now you’re ready for ignition! Flip the switch, start your engines, and let everyone know you’re open for business. Having made it this far, you’ve proven you can make things happen, and you’re ready to take things to the next level.

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